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Partnerships for Early Childhood



Primero Lo Primero (PLP) is the first collective impact vehicle for early childhood development

in Latin America.

Primero Lo Primero governing organizations:

❖ Fundación ALAS –

❖ AeioTU - Carulla Foundation -

❖ Fundación Dividendo por Colombia, United Way –

❖ Genesis Foundation –

❖ Fundación Mario Santo Domingo –

❖ Fundación Pies Descalzos -

❖ Primero Lo Primero U.S. –

 The PLP alliance was established in 2011 to favor children from 0 to 5 years of age living in extreme poverty. It is the only alliance with a regional scope exclusively focused on early childhood.



A global network of cities and experts promoting evidence-based Early Childhood Development-ECD

By linking mayors, city program leaders and ECD experts this network will promote an exchange of evidence-based ideas and solutions, empowering urban communities to transform their own ECD efforts, thereby fostering a global cultural shift toward more child-friendly cities

The main objective is to build a global collaborative network of cities committed to harnessing evidence,

strengthening adaptive learning capacities through operational research, and sharing what works, so that cities can take the lead in helping all children reach their full potential.

By 2020, the Global Compact will include over 100 cities extending services to >25m children