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II Meeting of educators (family mode) in the department of Chocó "knowledge, practices and sense of early childhood education"

Lucila Cecchi

For 9 days from 2 to 10 july the II Meeting of educators of family mode was organized in the department of Choco, the subject was: "knowledge, practices and sense of early childhood education". Part of the teachers training of the “First learning Steps” program,  is developing a qualification process for 400 educators and  teacherslinked to the familiar mode of the cities of Quibdó, Lloro, Bagado, Cantón de San Pablo, Alto Baudó, Medio Baudó y Bajo Baudó. The aim of these workshops is to strengthen the teaching practices within the differential approach with emphasis on ethnic and intercultural aspects in the department of Chocó. The intended result is that progress can be made towards relevant, timely and quality practices that respond to the particular characteristics of girls, children, their families and the territory in which they spend their lifes.