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Comprehensive Quality Management in Early Childhood: My First Steps

Lucila Cecchi

70 educational agents from the different territories where the comprehensive early childhood care program is being developed: My first steps starts the year by focusing on strengthening their practices.

From the 10th to the 16th of January the team of coordinators of the four regions (Tumaco-Nariño, Magdalena 6 municipalities, Tunja-Boyaca, and Chocó 7 municipalities) are meeting to carry out a workshop to improve processes of integral attention to early childhood with the support of the following experts:

- Constanza Gómez, Director of the CIPI - Intersectoral Committee on Early Childhood,

- Juan Carlos Buitrago, Early Childhood Director of the ICBF - Colombian Family Welfare Institute,

- And other consultants who have accompanied us in pedagogical topics such as: Graciela Fandiño in differential approach, Fabián Molina in Health and Karem Trujillo in Nutrition.