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2 years in Chocó


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2 years in Chocó

Lucila Cecchi

At the beginning of 2016, we expanded the arrival of our Early Childhood program, First Learning Step to Chocó, in the municipalities of Alto, Medio and Bajo Baudó, Bagadó, Cantón de San Pablo, Lloró and Quibdó. In this new implementation we reached 8,126 participants among children, pregnant and lactating mothers in 257 indigenous and Afro-descendant communities.

Among coordinators, psychologists, teachers, pedagogical assistants and psychosocial and administrative staff the program has 357 professionals to the most remote territories of the Department

For these municipalities, the presence of First Learning Step is key to guaranteeing the educational quality given to the children because these communities are marked by: the presence of Groups outside the law, the constant displacement of some communities, precarious or null access to roads. This situation generates intermittence in the educational attention and a constant turnover of teachers and assistants.

Among the most representative difficulties in these municipalities to carry out the program are: Lack of institutionally in municipalities and geographical dispersion and qualification of human talent.

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