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Annual Report 2016 Genesis Foundation


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Annual Report 2016 Genesis Foundation

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In our Annual Report 2016, we celebrate our 15 anniversary of work in Colombia. We highlight achievements of 206 and the results of this 15 years of work.

But, this report is not only made of numbers and achievements; this document was made by our protagonists: the children.

This report was written with the help of our girls and boys who are learning to read and write. They are the ones that count on limited educational opportunities and are ultimately the ones that write our history. Genesis Foundation acts as a facilitator of children’s dreams, guaranteeing them a better education. The letters and numbers reflect our everyday work. However, this time they are not telling a fable; they are writing a story: a story that does not include “the end”, but continues for many years you could say a lifelong of learning...

This results and achievements in improving the quality of the education in Colombia has become our main incentive to continue to do this work with the goal for constructing a better country.

To read the report, please click here.