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First Learning Steps

first learning steps - transfer


FLS-T is a program that looks to draw up a methodology to ensure that the transition for young children's from Early Childhood to formal education is successful.  

Line Early Childhood Education

Level Preschool- Primary School

Program start date 2013

Project duration 3 Years

Average cost per student US$1421

Average cost per school

Current Information (2015)

Beneficiaries Development centers and educational institutions

Regions Magdalena

Allies Fundación Bancolombia y Fundación Promigas

Historic Information

Beneficiaries   Teachers in Development Centers, Educational Agents of CDI,  Children aged 4 – 6 years.





Previous regions Nariño and Magdalena

Historic Allies and Donors


Main Objective

The program aims to facilitate the transfer of “First Learning Steps” to other service provider organizations and entities with the aim of further boosting their capacities and strengthening the comprehensive development of the young children that are currently looked after.

Specific Objectives

  • Promote the identification and characterization of the different players and actions in the quality management components for comprehensive care  in Early Childhood, through the multidisciplinary advisers.
  • Promote the strengthening of  the different components of quality management leading to a more rights-based comprehensive care, through the multidisciplinary advisers
  • Promote the evaluation of the different components of the quality management in the comprehensive care, through the multidisciplinary advisers


This transition is seen as a change that children undertake from one place or stage of education to another over time and represent challenges from the point of view of social relations, teaching style, atmosphere, space , time, learning contexts and the very learning making the process somewhat intense and with growing demands. Change can be an opportunity for new learning or be the cause of apprehension against “the new” which generates confusion and anxiety. These being sensations that can affect the behavior of an individual in the long run "Fabian H., AW Dunlop (2006)

Colombia is just beginning to think about the issue of children transitioning, and in July 2014 will put forward the first official document on the subject. That is why the alliance that makes transfer (FLS) saw the need and importance to create a project that would begin to explore how successful strategies that ensure that no anxieties or ruptures in children and their families occur in the transition to formal education, could be carried out.

That's where work begins with the development centers that are part of First Learning Steps program and educational establishments of the same areas in project development who help establish strategies that facilitate the transition from one educational cycle to another allowing a correct link between the cycles.


Program components

XXXXX students

61 teachers




Systematization of the experience