Genesis Foundation supports successful programs aimed at enhancing quality education with the purpose of providing underserved Colombian children better opportunities to develop and succeed, contributing to a more equal society.

The Genesis Foundation is a dynamic, driven and proactive not-for-profit institution dedicated specifically to transforming the way Colombian children learn.  Established over a decade ago, the Genesis Foundation draws from a unique network of benefactors in Colombia and beyond to support programs designed to deliver quality education to underserved Colombian youth, allowing them the opportunity to more fully develop the tools, knowledge and training necessary for success, contributing to a more just and equal society in the process. The mission of the Genesis Foundation revolves around the universally acknowledged truth that education stands alone as one of the most impactful forms of support that can be provided to a child in need, with returns that resonate immediately in their life and the life of their family, as well as far into the future of their society at large. 

Why Colombia

The original benefactors of the Genesis Foundation were a group of Colombian business leaders and notable citizens who recognized that one of the greatest barriers to peace, development and stability in their country was lack of equal access to quality education. While the national outlook has been improving steadily over the past decade, there remain a number of regions across Colombia where education still lags: it is estimated that well over a million children in Colombia do not have access to formal schooling, despite the fact that school attendance is mandated by law.    

Our goals

The Genesis Foundation exists primarily as a grant-making institution, and works to maintain a minimum yearly investment of $1 million directly to schools and program partners in Colombia.  The Genesis Foundation also works to develop other sustainable sources of financial and institutional support, and actively monitors local projects to determine that best practices are continually met and replicated over time. Genesis Foundation seeks to increase its social investment by building and maintaining public-private alliances, guaranteeing the long-term sustainability of its portfolio of projects and seeks to positively influence the educational sector through the development of quality referents from the public and private sectors, as well as fostering an evaluation culture in the educational community, aligning the projects with public policies in Colombia.

Some of our achievements 2012

In 2012 Genesis Foundation directly impacted 116,045 children, investing $1,201,304 in projects throughout Colombia.

  • The Colombian government (via the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare and the Colombian –ICBF and Presidential Agency for International Cooperation - APC) also supported us by channeling USD $2,232,961 to our projects. 
  • We forged important strategic alliances with private organizations such as Fundación Bancolombia, Source of Hope, Fundación Colombina, and Fundación Caicedo Gonzalez, as well as formalized our alliances with companies such as Natura Cosméticos and Drummond, among others
  • For the past 5 years, we have been an active member of RedEAmérica, a network constituted by private foundations from the business sector with the objective to improve quality education and development of based communities in Colombia
  • For the sixth consecutive year, we hosted our annual fundraiser BeLive, and participated as one of the official charities in the ING Miami Marathon for the second year in a row

Our goals 2013-2014


  • Continue to increase our social investment by building and maintaining public-private alliances, thus guaranteeing the long-term sustainability of our portfolio of projects
  • Maintaning a minimum yearly investment of USD$ 1 million on across all projects we support
  • Continue replicating successful educational programs that add measurable value, and that can be sustained over time
  • Positively influence education in Colombia by developing partnerships between public and private sector stakeholders as well as fostering a culture of evaluation, in alignment with the goals of national education policies




Above all, the Genesis Foundation stands out for its commitment to full efficiency, transparency and active participation by local partners.