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Juventud Rural


Juventud Rural (Rural Youth in English)  is a comprehensive training process fitting for youngsters living in rural areas of the country which is based on a pedagogical approach that seeks to develop in students significant learning, research, reflection, critical thinking, participation and peaceful coexistence. 


Line School Strengthening for K12

Level High School

Program Start Date 2005

Program Duration 2 year implementation

Yearly Average Cost per Student  US $303. 

Yearly Average Cost per School US$ 37, 378


Beneficiaries 1,967 students, 271 teachers, 15 schools

Regions  Amazonas, Guajira, Tolima

Allies and donors Fundación Manuel Mejía, Fundación Bancolombia, Fundación Cerrejón 


Past Beneficiaries 4,108 students 272 teachers, 9 schools

Previous Regions of Implementations  Huila, Cundinamarca, Putumayo, Cauca, Arauca 

Historic Allies and Donors Fundación Manuel Mejía, OXY, International Organization for Immigration.


Main objective 

Improve quality education in rural schools, strengthening the pedagogical competencies of teachers and developing in youngsters the academic competencies and basic work skills for their life in rural regions of the country.

Specific Objectives

  • Strengthen school and classroom management in school 
  • Support rural schools towards the strengthening of an entrepreneurship culture and rural development with a focus in human development
  • Review the Institutional Studies Plan (PEI) and the Institutional Improvement Plan (PMI)  to improve quality of the schools.
  • Design, adjust and plan curriculum processes in the schools using Productive Pedagogical Projects (PPP) as a fundamental tool in order to improve processes
  • Improve the pedagogical skills of teachers in the classroom, boosting the process of teaching - learning based on competencies through pedagogical design, organization of learning activities, classroom management skills  as an education strategy for projects.
  • Improve work and entrepreneurial skills of students in 9th, 10th and 11th grade  in the schools
  • Work with families in the PPP cycles to strengthen the integration between school, classroom and community management
  • Decrease drop-out rates of the students 


Education cannot ignore the inherent social and economic development challenges in the country. Through its different modalities, it should contribute to the construction of life conditions that are more adequate and guarantee individuals the opportunity to develop their autonomy, widen their capacity to act in an environment of cooperation and freedom and assume a transformative commitment with their family, community and work environments. The challenges of the rural sector in general imply a complex task which offers alternatives according to the needs of the communities and the different productive sectors. This purpose has implied a wide conception of educational processes linked to a comprehensive training process.

The model Juventud Rural, Educación y Desarrollo Rural is an opportunity to support formal public education in the rural areas of the country. Within this framework the objective of the model was established: contribute to improve quality education in the rural areas, strengthening the pedagogical, institutional and productive foundations of the schools so they can be more pertinent, improve retention rates and coverage and allow to see the rural areas as an entrepreneurship space for youngsters. The model is a comprehensive training process based on competencies for rural youngsters that aims to develop in the students (i) significant learning, (ii) research and reflection, (iii) critical thinking, (iv) capacity to integrate different knowledge and (v) participation and coexistence.


Awards, Forums and Other Accomplishments

  • The Colombus Education Institute  (Putumayo) was recognized as a meaningful experience taken from the program by the Ministry of Education.