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Tierra magica

Tierra Mágica

Tierra mágica is a pedagogical and technological bet that looks forward into generating new educational experiences and a sense of human development that claims to expand through schools to stimulate thinking processes and help teachers think about what they do. Tierra Mágica is a pedagogical videogame which, according to (Pérez, Fernández, García y Guzmán, 2015), through a planned and systematical implementation can develop Multiple Intelligences. Besides, it favors complex reasoning, decision making with different sources, problem solving using cognitive operations and not a try and error selection (Frangenheim, 2005).

The use of videogames with a structured and pedagogical intention like Tierra Mágica can contribute to improve class climate and have an impact on learning and to make teachers conscious of the way they relate to their students and invite them to explore other ways of teaching and assessing closer to students realities.


  • Stimulate, through videogames, thinking processes based on problem resolution in children between 6 and 12 years old.
  • Bring fun tools for learning in class.
  • Strengthen didactical and methodological tools to transform pedagogical practices to improve social relationships within the class and this way impact on learning processes using games.
  • Innovate in the assessment. Our evaluation system allows to evaluate while children are playing. We intend to use technology to open new possibilities in assessment that provide teachers with useful information about the way their students think and learn. This information improves the fulfillment of the legal basic standards and can be used to avoid repetition and drop out. 

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