Today, Genesis Foundation manages a portfolio of projects that address three intervention lines:

  • Early Childhood Care & Education

We work specifically with programs that serve children up to the age of six.  The early years of life are critical to the development of intelligence, personality and social behavior.  The right intervention at this stage can make a tremendous difference in a child’s future and can reduce future remedial investments.

  • School Strengthening

 We work in three main areas: 1) Classroom techniques: we work to train educators in innovative pedagogical learning and teaching skills, as well as guide curriculum changes that reflect best educational practices for children (up to age 12); 2) Institutional management: we focus in improving classroom management techniques, and train administrators, directors and coordinators in more effective school management skills, and,  3) Community: we empower families and communities as essential actors for the learning and development of students, and include specific needs and assets of their context in all our projects. 

  • Intellectual Development & Public Policy

This is a transversal line of the work we do. We work with the government and other public institutions in Colombia to influence positive changes in the sector by helping to shape education policy; fostering a culture of teacher evaluation; and aligning projects to ensure they meet the high standards for universal education mandated by law. 

To achieve our goals in these areas, the Genesis Foundation employs the following innovative, result-based pillars that differentiate us from other similar organizations working in the education space:

  • Approach we provide children access to quality education by investing in distinctive teaching methods and curricula, transforming the way children learn, and making sure that what they are learning is culturally pertinent. It is this sensitivity that differentiates Genesis from other organizations that focus only on access. 
  • Long Term Partnerships – we seek to develop partnerships that enhance each grantee, including providing technical support and introductions to other sources of funding
  • Fundraising- we leverage our own investment with additional support from other sources, both within the United States and Colombia.  Our commitment is $1 to $1- we will match equally the dollar value of any external donation
  • Influence on Public Policy –we have influence national education policy by focusing on programs that are replicable, measurable and sustainable, and by documenting and sharing our best practices with preschools, schools and other NGOs.    


As a direct result of the success we achieved across our five pillars of engagement, the Genesis Foundation launched the MacroProjects, a set of large scale initiatives aimed at developing education models that can be replicated nationwide and transform the way all Colombian children learn. These MacroProjects were developed in response to critical local needs Genesis had identified through its work over the years, and are being implemented in alliance with high-performing grantees, as well as prominent partners within the public and private sectors.

There are currently four MacroProjects actively underway in Colombia: First  Learning Steps (FLS)Learning to Learn (L2L), Palabrario & Numerario and Juventud, Educación y Desarrollo Rural.  


Genesis has been part of RedEAmerica for the past five years. RedEAmerica is a network of organizations in more than 10 Latin American countries that work to reduce poverty and foster inclusion and democracy in the Americas by supporting grassroots development initiatives. This joint effort has allowed Genesis to be at the forefront of education and development in the country, providing quality education to the most underserved communities in Colombia and strengthening grassroots organizations. 

To learn more about RedEAmérica, visit their website http://www.redeamerica.org/