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Early Childhood

Our programs and projects in Early Childhood are focused on comprehensive care in order to promote the initial education of children.

Strengthening the Early Childhood

This program is the Genesis Foundation bet to aid compliance with the Primero lo Primero alliance objectives, which seeks to train teachers in two dimensions: the being and the doing.

Semillas de Apego

It is a psychosocial group care program that seeks to protect early childhood affected by violence and displacement in Colombia. Through work with its main caregivers, the program aims to mitigate the negative consequences generated by being exposed to these traumatic events during the first years of life.

This will allow thousands of boys and girls, who have being affected by violence, to have chances of improving their family environment and achieving healthy and successful lives.

Primero lo Primero

Genesis Foundation joined the Primero lo Primero alliance in 2016. The purpose of this alliance is to become a collective impact tool for quality and innovation in early childhood care.

In this way, Genesis Foundation reacts to the challenge that not only Colombia but other Latin American countries have in achieving a comprehensive sustainable care for children from 0 to 5 years of age.

La Gran Transición para la Primera Infancia

It is a supporting strategy to strengthen the elaboration of articulated routes for educational transitions between Child Development Centers and Educational Institutions.

These transitions focus on children from 4 to 6 years of age who move from child development centers to preschool, and then to elementary school.

La Vuelta Al Mundo

The Genesis Foundation works to transform the pedagogical practices, go beyond the traditional education model, and tackle the children's integral development process from an innovative point of view. It seeks to train the transformation agents in order for them to be able to positively affect the human beings, the families, and the communities, providing them with the necessary tools to strengthen the human being and their creativity, teamwork, leadership, and communication awareness.

United States´s Office:

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Colombia´s office:

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