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La Vuelta al Mundo

400 children  

and 42 teachers benefited.

With more than 10 years' experience in working with teachers, the Genesis Foundation continues with its work and intends to continue transforming the pedagogical practices and go beyond the traditional education model, tackling the children's integral development process from an innovative point of view addressed to strengthening the teachers' individual potentials and capacities.

Significant resources have been assigned to this experience pertaining to the training processes, allowing including new lines, such as the transformation, encouraging the teachers' well-being, harmony, and motivation. It is recognized that the transformation of the human being in vulnerable territories provides the necessary tools to live the life experience from the curiosity, the exploration of the human being, and the everyday search for a new version of the persons.

The learning experience is lived with a game that simulates a trip through three lines of action: 1. Connect: mindfulness; 2. Construct: leadership and communication; 3. Imagine: creativity, to learn playing with a toolbox and co-create by assuming the role of a mobilizing person leading and inspiring the traveling agents of their team, copying the experience.

The mobilizing agents meet face-to-face to study in depth the lines of action, subsequently copying them in their territories, supported by a team of experts that guides and orients them in this process.


Natalia Henao Tomayo, Program Manager in Early Childhood 



Viviana Fernández Díaz, Program Manager in Early Childhood


An investment in the personal development of the teachers is required to transform the education. Join us and support La Vuelta al Mundo program. 

United States´s Office:

505 Park Avenue, 4 Floor,

New York, NY 10022

Phone: (212) 421-1152  

Fax: (917) 591-7858


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Colombia´s office:

Genesis Foundation

Calle 90 # 13A - 20

Ofice 702

Phone: +(571)7176518 genesis@genesis-foundation.org

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