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EsTuDía Aprende Diferente

According to the Global Economic Forum (2015), the 21st century will require social-emotional and character skills, such as critical thought, problem solution, teamwork capacity, and leadership. Colombia still faces significant challenges, shown by its poor results in national and international tests. In the OCDE problem resolution measurement, in the 44 participating countries Colombia rated the lowest. According to the PISA tests, in sciences the Colombian students were unable to use scientific knowledge, interpret the information in order to apply it to their daily life, and reach valid scientific conclusions. The language and mathematics results have a gap of approximately 40 years compared to the OCDE countries average.

In this scenario, EsTuDia provides a playful space for the students to build their own learning process with activities that promote their effective or Socratic questioning, their collaborative work, their social-emotional skills, and their investigation. The purpose of this is to focus on the language, mathematics, and sciences areas from the STEM skills set point of view. The students will be able to be better every day, provided being socially and emotionally prepared to interact with a global society that constantly challenges them and requires them to solve problems and properly make decisions.


Karin Kramer, Program Manager in Elementary School


You can support the implementation of EsTuDia Aprende Diferente in Colombia so that more children will be able to learn about critical thought and collaborative work.

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