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Educación Matemática para profesores de primaria

The success the students may have with mathematics depends on the opportunities the teachers give them to learn how to tackle their challenges, giving them the necessary trust to overcome their fears and difficulties upon having their support and knowledge.

Mathematical Education for primary school teachers is a free, open, and online program in which the primary school teachers can advance professionally and offer their students more and better opportunities to learn mathematics.

This program will be offered through the Coursera platform and is comprised of three Massive Open Online Courses that seek providing the teachers with opportunities to learn the contents of primary school mathematics, their learning, and their teaching. This way, our purpose is aiding the development of the skills, knowledge, and abilities required for the teachers to improve their teaching work in the mathematics classroom.


Karin Kramer, Program Manager in Elementary School


In the first course, Contents of Primary School Mathematics, the students will familiarize themselves with the various meanings of the mathematics issue from four points of view: it's history, the concepts and procedures characterizing it, the various manners in which it exists (e.g. tables, graphics, or algebraic expressions), and the phenomena and situations that give meaning to it. The issues discussed are natural numbers and numbering systems, the mathematics of natural numbers, rational numbers, elementary plane geometry, and magnitudes and measures.

The course includes videos and explanations of the various issues, learning and evaluation activities, conceptual maps, and additional bibliography. The evaluation is designed so that each participant will receive feedback, entered to the platform, that will enable them to continue progressing upon again connecting. Most of the contents may be downloaded for off-line use.

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