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Strengthening the Early Childhood

Seeking to provide integral quality care to the Colombian early childhood, the Genesis Foundation decided to create the "Strengthening" program, whose purpose is training the teachers in two dimensions: being and doing.

This is done thanks to the Around the World game, a strategic initiative created by the Genesis Foundation and Buen Comienzo to provide knowledge to the teachers in three lines of action: mindfulness, creativity, and communication and leadership, making them aware of the importance of their work regarding the children's optimal development and training.

The "to do" Strengthening seeks to qualify the entity that operates our program in the various territories, providing it with the Genesis Foundation operation parameters, which the teachers will use to turn them into high quality spaces for the children's integral care during their early years. Such strengthening focuses on four aspects: characterization, transformation of environments, qualification, and generation of strategies.


Natalia Henao Tomayo, Program Manager in Early Childhood.


The Strengthening program is

the Genesis Foundation bet

to aid complying with

the Primero lo Primero

alliance objectives. 


Viviana Fernández Díaz, Program Manager in Early Childhood


It provides integral quality care to children from 0 to 5 years of age, making sure they will fully develop. Help us to transform the children's education during their early years.

United States´s Office:

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New York, NY 10022

Phone: (212) 421-1152  

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Colombia´s office:

Genesis Foundation

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Ofice 702

Phone: +(571)7176518 genesis@genesis-foundation.org

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